The 3rd Universidad Europea Oratory Contest has a winner

Andrés Granda, a Foreign Trade student in Alcobendas, received the First Prize in this edition.

In May, Universidad Europea held its 3rd Oratory Contest, an initiative from professors of different degree programs in the School of Social Sciences and Communication, specialized in subjects of Communication Skills, Managerial Skills and Ethics; the University Life Department also took part. The winner of the third edition was a student from the Foreign Trade Training Course, Andrés Granda.

The UE 3rd Oratory Contest seeks to encourage debate as a way to thoughtfully analyze reality and provide opportunities for students to put into practice their argumentation and persuasion communication skills, using verbal and non-verbal language. It also promotes the development of university students' powers of persuasion and encourages dialog and free expression so that students can convey their feelings and values.

The students debated in front of a jury comprised of PhDs, professors and expert professionals in different fields, on current issues related to animal rights, intellectual property law and parking meters, among other topics.

Moreover, prior to the event participating students had the opportunity to attend communications training workshops at the Villaviciosa and Alcobendas campuses.