Speeches given by Miquel Roca y José Pedro Pérez -LLorca, Fathers of the Spanish Constitution, as recipients of Honorary PhDs from Universidad Europea de Madrid

And "Laudatio" given by Dr. Cristina Garmendia, Former Minister of Science and Innovation and Member of Advisory Board of Universidad Europea

"I had the enormous privilege of participating in its drafting. In a way, I would like to see today’s ceremony as the University’s recognition in honor of all citizens. The 1978 Constitution was the Constitution of all, and still is to this day, even for those who want to debate it, but who have been able to build their arguments from the freedom that the Constitution itself established for all of us.
 (...)". Miquel Roca

"Today you are conferring a great honor upon us. Great indeed in that it is being granted with the solemnity that only the university is able to display.
Honor is important. Every era and every social group may consider that different values and merits should be recognized, but no matter how different the content depending on the society and the times, some concept of that nature, socially created and accepted, is necessary to follow and judge behavior beyond mere codes.(...)". José Pedro Pérez-Llorca