Universidad Europea holds its 2nd Conference on Best Practices in Process Improvement

The goal of this initiative is to share process improvement as a competitive advantage

Companies design, execute and control hundreds of processes daily. Their execution in an orchestrated, agile and efficient way is critical. Inefficiencies in processes can go unnoticed in times of economic boom, concealed by good results, but in times of crisis they become the key to survival. These and other crucial issues are brought up in the 2nd Conference on Best Practices in Process Improvement organized on Wednesday, May 25 at the Universidad Europea's Villaviciosa Campus.
The first lecture was led by Luis Huete, renowned lecturer and facilitator of senior management teams for defining strategy and culture transformation projects in more than 700 companies in 70 countries. The expert gave a lecture entitled "Integrating apparent opposites", with which he showed how the business world is full of apparent opposites that tend to break down systems and cause many inefficiencies in their operation. Precisely, part of the job of a manager is to ensure that these are integrated and generate a healthy tension, allowing innovation and the creation of more sustainable and efficient systems

During the conference, various case studies were also presented by companies with success in Operational Efficiency; it featured managers and consultants like José Antonio García Galdón, Manager of Operational Efficiency in Ferrovial Servicios España; Marco Antonio Rivero del Hoyo, Senior Consultant in Lean Goal; and Adrián Cuadrado Sanz; Adrián Cuadrado Sanz.