Jorge Cuéllar: “I’m surprised by the great interaction between students and faculty members”

The former contestant of the 2nd edition of MasterChef and Molecular Biology researcher offered a lecture on “Gastronomy, nutrition and lifestyle” to students of the Master's in Eating Disorders and Obesity.

The School of Biomedical and Health Science welcomed Jorge Cuéllar, who took part in the second edition of MasterChef, on his second visit to the Universidad Europea after attending the 1st UE-CSIC-ISINE International Summer Course. This time he offered a lecture on ‘Gastronomy, nutrition and lifestyle’, while attempting to explain that “these three aspects are closely related and must be considered as a whole.  Gastronomy is considered more of a pleasure, nutrition as health and we must understand lifestyle as the habit of eating well”, said Jorge. For the former contestant it is important that future professionals, “try to adopt measures to instill a diet that is as healthy and balanced as possible”. With this aim he spoke to the students, “to offer them guidelines to help establish healthy eating habits”.

The keys offered during this master class for the Master's in Eating Disorders and Obesity were welcomed by the students who were “visibly motivated and I was very surprised by their eagerness to learn and how many questions they ask”. Jorge Cuéllar believes that this is due to the work in the classrooms: “one of the things that most strikes me about this University, apart from the facilities available, is the close interaction between students and faculty members”.