Exercise is Medicine grants Universidad Europea Gold Level Campus

This recognition rewards collaborative activities between the areas of physical exercise, health and other disciplines designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle among the university community to help prevent chronic diseases


“Exercise Is Medicine” (EIM), a global health initiative by the American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM), which aims to promote physical exercise in the national health system, has granted Universidad Europea the maximum recognition (Gold Level Campus) of “Exercise Is Medicine on Campus”. Universidad Europea is committed to encouraging physical activity in society, both through research and the drive toward regarding physical exercise as a medical prescription tool, and by means of the involvement of its university community in encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.

“EIM on Campus” seeks, through educational institutions, to contribute to the multidisciplinary integration of those engaged in healthcare work and Sports and Exercise Science professionals in order to bring about the prescribing of appropriate exercise. The Gold Level Campus expressly endorses Universidad Europea for its efforts in implementing “Exercise Is Medicine” proposals. This recognition rewards collaborative activities between the areas of physical exercise, health and other disciplines to transfer the objectives of this global initiative to the university community to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and help prevent chronic diseases.

Francisco López Varas, Dean of the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences (CAFyD), pointed out that this recognition is “thanks to the joint work carried out by Universidad Europea through the Prevention and Sports Promotion Service, the sports complex, CAFyD and the School of Biomedical and Health Science, as well as the School of Doctoral Studies and Research”. The Gold Level Campus certification is the latest stage in the Healthy Campus of Universidad Europea project, along with “Exercise is Medicine” recognition already awarded a year ago to the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea Master's Degree in Physical Activity and Health, and in this way it shows the leadership of the University in championing physical activity as a tool for encouraging health. Lidia Brea, graduate program director, professor at CAFyD and driving force behind the Gold Level Campus rating, states that “gaining the support of ‘Exercise Is Medicine’ represents a major guarantee with regard to the quality of our programs, and highlights the commitment by Universidad Europea to promoting physical exercise within the national health system”.