Félix Díaz explains the communication aspects of Security at Santa Cruz de Tenerife Council

The journalist recently visited the University to offer a master class to second year Advertising Communication students

Félix Díaz, head of Communication at the Public Security Department of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Council, recently visited our campus to offer a master class to 2nd year Advertising Communication students as part of the Strategic Management of Public Relations course taught by professor Enrique Carrasco.

Díaz outlined the general guidelines that mark how the department he leads operates, commenting  on some very interesting aspects related to internal communication, work flows and processes, and relationships with other departments, among other issues He spoke of the importance of writing correctly and only after checking sources and, finally, how the issue of a statement is authorized or not. He also mentioned interesting protocols that set restrictions on personal data protection. Díaz also commented on why deadlines are set for disclosing news on particularly sensitive issues, such as accidents or police safety issues.