Eva Cólogan analyzes PR and product marketing strategies

Eva Cólogan, promoter of Tenerife-based company Aliades, offered a master class to second year students of Advertising Communication, highlighting the importance of correct social network management

Eva Cólogan, one of the main promoters of Tenerife-based company Aliades, specialized in developing trade strategies for companies with no in-house department, recently visited our university to offer a master class during which she shared some techniques for the efficient management of Public Relations and product marketing on the regional market with 2nd year Advertising Communication students.

Cólogan highlighted the importance of correct social network management for broadcasting messages, and she answered the doubts of students who conducted a practical exercise at the end of the class in order to write down some of the content presented. The class was organized as part of the subject on Strategic PR Management, taught by professor Enrique Carrasco.