Admissions for over 25’s

Here at Universidad Europea, we know that you have plans for your future. If you think the time has come to take a step forward in your professional life, this is the perfect place for you to start on that path.

We have prepared a pack containing the face-to-face course allowing you to prepare for the university entrance exam for over 25’s. You will have the content of the subjects for the test, university professors who will explain the subjects in detail, and a practice papers.

Nothing excites us more than helping you achieve your goals.

Everything you need to know

Candidate profile

Candidates who have reached the age of 25 in the calendar year in which they take the entry test, and do not have any other access to the university, can apply for admission thanks to the Entrance Test for those over 25 years of age .

The test is governed by Royal Decree 412/2014, June 6, which establishes the basic regulations for admission procedures to official university undergraduate studies. RESOLUTION of November 26, 2014, of the General Directorate of Universities and Research, by which the Agreement of the Organizing Commission is published, which dictates the rules and regulatory instructions of the entrance exam to the university for seniors twenty-five years within the Community of Madrid (BOCM of Monday, December 15, 2014).

Documentation and application process

Required documentation

Registration for the University Access Course for over 25s and the University Entrance Test for over 25s Pack can be done by clicking here:

You will need to attach a photo or scan of your ID to complete the enrollment process.

Application document for over 25s

Enrollment process

Candidates will enroll in the preparation course and the entrance test at the same time. In the first step they will register for the preparation course and in the second, they entrance test and specify the specialty that each candidate chooses.

For those candidates who, at the time of their enrollment and in accordance with the provisions of the Educational Administration, justify any disability that prevents them from taking the test within ordinary means, the appropriate measures will be taken to carry out the test in the most appropriate conditions.


There is a limited number of places available to take the test. The University reserves the right to admit test candidates.


Check the regulations where you can find information related to the University Entrance Test for over 25s, Preparatory Course, Calendar and Program of subjects.  Check here

Face-to-Face preparation course

At Universidad Europea, we offer students a preparation course through schedules compatible with professional commitments that offer flexibility, personalized attention and the use of online learning methodologies.

The course consists of:

  • Face-to-face classes
  • Mock exam
  • Self-assessment exercises

Students who attend this course acquire a very high level of preparation, with high pass rates in previous editions.

  • General guidelines on the main content of each subject
  • Complementary exercises in class and through learning tools on the virtual campus.
  • Advice on how to approach the study of each subject and academic and professional orientation.
  • Mock exam several weeks before the official entrance exam.

Entry of the registration fee

The fee corresponding to enrollment in the University Preparation Course for those over 25 years old and the University Entrance Test for those over 25 years old is € 1,375.

It will be made in three payments and always through the Community * of Universidad Europea.

* Payments will only be accepted through the community. Any payment that does not proceed in this way will be returned, the application for registration not being accepted.


Access test

Access test

The university entrance test will be held at the University Campus in Villaviciosa de Odón on dates to be announced by the university. These dates may be subject to changes that will be duly communicated to the student. To take out the test it will be necessary to provide a from of ID (Passport or ID card).


The university entrance exam consists of two written exercises:

1) First exercise (specific phase)

In the specific phase, the candidate will be examined in two subjects related to the chosen areas of knowledge, in accordance with the offer established by Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Areas of knowledge: the student will choose the areas of knowledge that they wish, indicating in each area the two subjects for which he wishes to be examined on.

  • A: Arts and Humanities: History of Spain, History of Philosophy, Geography of Spain.
  • B: Sciences: Mathematics II, Physics, Biology, Geology.
  • C: Health Sciences: Biology, Mathematics II, Physics.
  • D: Social and Legal Sciences: Mathematics Applied to the CCSS II, History of Spain, History of Philosophy, Geography of Spain.
  • E: Engineering and Architecture: Mathematics II, Physics and Geology.

Each exercise in the specific phase will present two different options from which the candidate must choose one. The duration of each of the exercises in the specific phase will be 90 minutes.

2) Second exercise (general phase)

  • Text commentary.
  • Spanish language.
  • Foreign language * (to choose between English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese).

Each exercise in the general exam will present a single option, except for the Spanish language exercise in which the candidate must choose one of two possible options. The duration of each of the exercises in the general exam will be 60 minutes with the exception of the Spanish language exercise, which will last 90 minutes.

* In the preparatory course the subject of Foreign Language will only be offered English.

¿Tienes alguna duda? Nosotros te la resolvemos

¿Tienes alguna duda? Nosotros te la resolvemos

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