Certificate Course in Cytopathology

Certificate Course in Cytopathology

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Sé protagonista de un aprendizaje práctico, minucioso y basado en casos y proyectos reales.

The main objective of the Certificate Course in Cytopathology is to equip the student to apply their knowledge gained in Exfoliative Cytology, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC), microscopic diagnosis of selected cases, and daily clinical practice in a pathological anatomy laboratory.

This Certificate Course in Cytopathology is the only program with these characteristics on offer in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, which is why it is currently being considered for recognition by the Committee for Lifelong Learning in Health Care Professions in the Autonomous Community of Madrid (Laín Entralgo Agency).

The current interest in the professional development of Senior Technicians in Pathological Anatomy stems from specialization in the different areas of competency. One of the areas that has experienced the greatest advancement over recent years is cytopathology and the application of new methodologies and anatomopathological diagnostic techniques such as liquid form cytology.

From a practical point of view, a Senior Technician in Pathological Anatomy who would like to carry out cytotechnical functions requires a minimum of 30 practical cases per day reviewed under a microscope and supervised by a pathologist. This type of practice is impossible to perform outside hospitals, as the majority of Professional Training Centers lack the necessary resources required for clinical training.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing that during this Certificate Course in Cytopathology, the specific attention given by the faculty to each student not only guarantees their assimilation of the concepts presented, but also the self-assurance students need to handle and resolve clinical cases with confidence.

It is also worth highlighting that the employability rate of all graduates who have undertaken this program has been 100% once they have completed the program.  Furthermore, in some cases, students are employed during the program to practice in hospitals and other health care centers.

About Certificate Course in Cytopathology

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La madurez de este curso se refuerza con la docencia de profesionales experimentados, familiarizados con todas las patologías.

El claustro está compuesto por profesionales de reconocido prestigio en el campo de la Anatomía Patológica. 


Nuria Gili Manzanaro

Licenciada en ciencias biológicas , citotécnica en La Fundación Hospital de Alcorcón . Directora del Curso de formación continuada en citopatología.


Miguel Arguelles Pintos

Doctor en medicina, especialidad Anatomía patológica. Docente desde hace quince años. Personal docente estrella de este curso. Trabaja en La Fundación Hospital de Alcorcón.

Fernando Pinedo Moraleda

Doctor en medicina especialidad anatomía patológica. 

 Javier Salamanca Santamaría

Doctor en medicina, especialidad anatomía patológica. 

Fernando Escartín Lopez , Ricardo Suarez, Mónica melguizo y Pilar Muñoz 

Citotécnicos de larga experiencia y docentes cualificados

¿Dónde podré trabajar? 

En los departamentos de Anatomía Patológica de hospitales y centros sanitarios. En laboratorios privados de Anatomía Patológica. 

Existe una alta tasa de empleabilidad entre las promociones que han realizado el Curso de Formación Continuada en Citopatología


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