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In terms of research at the Universidad Europea, the university chairs are worthy of note. Universidad Europea strives continually to offer students excellent academic standards and strengthen their employability profile. The aim of these chairs is to promote university research and link it to the labor market while giving students the ability to acquire the educational skills they need to become independent, critical-thinking professionals.

The chair professors at Universidad Europea share a close bond that enables students to receive useful and effective training for their future professional life.

University can and must contribute actively to social progress and to overcoming the difficulties of a globalized world by preparing its students”.

Mr. Luis Bassat. Honorary President of the University Advisory Council

Our university chairs are the result of an intense collaboration between the university and the business sector. As well as being actively working professionals, the professors teaching them are renowned leading experts in their fields of study. These are the chairs currently available:

  • ASISA Health Sciences Chair

The ASISA Health Sciences Chair aims to strengthen the bond between the world of academia and society through its institutions. This is done by encouraging the creation of papers, scientific studies, training activities and through the publications that come out of these.

  • Florencio Tejerina Breast Pathology and Medical Humanities Chair

The main objectives of the Florencio Tejerina Breast Pathology and Medical Humanities Chair are to promote teaching in medicine and surgery and publicize the social purpose of the Tejerina foundation and the Universidad Europea de Madrid in the field of Health Sciences,as well as to carry out training activities and issue publications that contribute to developing and consolidating research and knowledge in the field.

The chair provides funding for the following research projects thanks to the financial support of the Tejerina foundation:

1. Pharmacogenetics of cytochromes CYP3A4 and CYP3A5: analysis of breast cancer patients' inter-individual response to the drug Tamoxifen.
Main researcher: Dr. Ana Fernández Santander
2. Characterization of tobacco-related genetic polymorphisms acting as risk factors in the development of breast cancer. Main researcher: Dr. Félix Gómez Gallego

  • INDRA-UEM Chair

The INDRA-UEM chair consists of an annual program focused mainly on three activities. The first of these is an ongoing activity organized by the Outsourcing Observatory and by one of its e-magazines, while the second focuses on R&D&I at the Outsourcing Observatory.The program is supplemented by training courses such asconferences, symposiums and other activities designed to disseminate knowledge and to promote participation, representation and collaboration in events in this sector.


The University Center of Excellence for Research in Educational Innovation and Steelcase take part in this Universidad Europea chair with the aim of developing research, training and scientific dissemination activities. These studies are based on the facilities and educational equipment made available due to the European Higher Education Area.

  • Sanitas Wellbeing Universidad Europea de Madrid Chair

This chair was created in partnership with Sanitas to promote research into physical activity and exercise in the workplace.

Research projects related to the chair

The Sanitas Smile Project encourages physical activity in the workplace, since lack of exercise, together with stress, anxiety and fatigue can affect businesses negatively through absenteeism and loss of productivity. The project is based on the theory that today's professionals have little free time to exercise; to overcome this, a custom-made program of physical activities is proposed. The program will bring great cost savings in the long term as a result of lower employee health costs.

  • Rogelio Baón Transition Memory Chair

The chair, ascribed to the Vice Rector's Office for Scientific Policy and Faculty and to the Vice Rector's Office for Institutional Relations and Students is aimed at:

Researching, studying and disseminating knowledge on different accounts of the Spanish Transition period
Recognizing the role of those in charge of this historic period and paying them tribute
Analyzing the Spanish Democratic Transition from several points of view:social, political, economic and cultural. This would include the period running from 1972, when political associations were approved, to 1985, when Spain became a member of the European Union.

Spanish society today is in desperate need of recovering its 'transitional spirit', based on consensus and including all participants who accept the constitutional rules of the game."

Rogelio Baón

After the Transition Chair director, Mr. Rogelio Baón, passed away, the managing board of Universidad Europea de Madrid agreed to rename it the Rogelio Baón Transition Memory Chair. It also appointed Mr. Joaquín García Romanillos Valverde, secretary of the Spanish General Bar Association, as new director of the chair.

Patrocinadores: Banco Santander, Caja Castilla La Mancha (CCM), Fundacíón Vodafone España, Jubán Hoteles, Juban Inmobiliarias.

  • Public Health Chair


Strengthening bonds between the world of academia and society, through its institutions.
Promoting the creation of papers, scientific studies, training activities and the publications that come out of these.
Working towards the development and consolidation of Health Sciences within the aforementioned area.

Partner companies:


  • Real Madrid Chair


Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa


Developing university cooperation with the world of sport, favoring the creation of new knowledge and promoting the dissemination of all aspects linked to the world of sport.
Generating advanced research for new findings that may allow the academic and sport worlds to evolve adequately and become integrated.
Linking all aspects related to the practice of sports in direct contact with society, enabling social integration, getting all sectors involved, giving greater visibility and relevance to the relationship between society, university, leisure and health.
Organizing activities with a strong level of involvement at both the national and international levels by getting researchers and renowned figures to become involved.
Promoting values related to practicing sport internationally.

  • FREMAP Research and Development in Occupational Health Chair


Strengthening bonds between universities and society through its institutions.
Promoting the creation of papers, scientific studies, training activities and publications stemming from these.
Working towards the development and consolidation of health sciences within the aforementioned area, and especially in the fields of occupational health and labor risk prevention.



  • Perio Dentistry Chair


Strengthening bonds between universities and society through its institutions.
Promoting the creation of papers and scientific studies in the field of dentistry, as well training activities and publications stemming from these papers and studies.
Working towards the development and consolidation of health sciences within the aforementioned area.



  • Armando Laffón Chair on Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs)


Strengthening bonds between universities and society through its institutions.
Promoting the creation of papers and scientific studies in the field of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, as well as training activities and publications stemming from these.
Working towards the development and consolidation of research and prevention in the aforementioned field.



  • Luis Bassat Chair


Working directly to generate knowledge in the field of advertising, creating a multidisciplinary area open to research, dialogue and training.
Serving as a forum for debate and reflection to meticulously and scientifically analyze the main aspects related to the field of communication.

The profile of a leader:

Luis Bassat was the architect of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. He has also been proclaimed best publicity agent of the 20th century in Spain and Latin America, in recognition of his career. At present he is General Manager of WPP Group in Spain, Founder and President of the Bassat Ogilvy Group in Spain and a member of the network's World Executive Committee and World Creative Committee.

He founded an advertising agency in the mid-seventies that managed to spark the interest of a master in modern publicity, David Ogilvy, thus creating the Bassat Ogilvy Group.

His humanist nature is reflected in the perseverance with which he has approached other disciplines and projects, such as the search for peace among civilizations, working on social projects and supporting culture, art and sport. Bassat was nominated for the Prince of Asturias Award in Communication and Humanities in 2007, for his "tireless" work in this field where he is best known for contributing to the modernization and improvement of the Spanish advertising industry.

Supporting art and culture

Throughout his life, he has worked with different organizations such as the FRIDE European think tank for global action, the Baruch Spinoza Foundation, the Peres Center for Peace, the Ernest Lluch Foundation, the Match for Peace — a historic match played by FC Barcelona against the first team ever made up of Israeli and Palestinian players — the José Carreras International Foundation and the NGO Acción contra el Hambre.

Bassat works toward the dissemination and defense of culture and art, and is an advocate for artists; notably, he has worked with different types of cultural institutions such as the Barcelona Centre de Disseny foundation (BCD), the Comunicación Gráfica foundation (ADG FAD), the Museo Virtual del Diseño (MVD, Virtual Design Museum), the Amigos de Arco Association, the World Art Service Foundation and the Reina Sofía Higher School of Music.

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