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Discover a University with a strong international perspective, which forms part of the World´s largest Network of Universities.

Universidad Europea forms part of the Laureate International Universitites network, the undisputed leader in the Higher Education market, with over 800,000 students and more than 75 institutions spanning 30 countries all over the world.

The University´s curricula are also designed to offer students bilingual or 100% English courses, and even the chance the complete their training by learning other languages such as Spanish and Chinese.

This holistic and international approach aims to ensure students´employability professional success in any country in the world.



Universidad Europea has always been committed to innovative and high-quality education and training, in permanent contact with the world of work.

Its firs-rate infrastructures and cutting-edge teaching resources reproduce the professional envieronments that students will soon be working in. This approach is fully geared to the reality of professional life, complemented by mandatory internship agreements with more than 3,000 companies.

A teaching method based on small groups and the presence from day one of a personal advisor boosts each student´s motivation and encourages the development of cross-disciplinary skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity and emotional intelligence.

At present, on its Madrid, Valencia and Canary Islands campuses, Universidad Europea has more than 16,000 students from all five continents. 


Throughout the year, Universidad Europea organizes events, conferences, lectures and seminars attended by important world leaders and specialists in every area. Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Daniel Goleman, shirin Ebadi, toyo Ito and Vargas Llosa are just a few of the illustrious guests who visit the university each year.

  • Study at Universidad Europea


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    Universidad Europea is made up of different schools. The Bachelor´s Degrees we offer include double, 100% English and bilingual degrees, all providing official qualifications and developed according to the strict requirements of the European Higher Education Area, ensuring that the degrees are recognized in any European country.

    Moreover, to ensure their education is truly international,students can choose the language or languages in which they want to carry out their studies and their periods of study abroad at the world´s most prestigious universities.

    Click here to view all the Bachelor's Degree programs available

    Check out our offer of Bilingual or 100% English programs here


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    Universidad Europea groups all its graduate degrees under a single brand: the Universidad Europea Graduate School . The School offers more than 140 graduate degree programs, developed by the University´s different Schools, in 18 different disciplines that include Business, Law, Art, Media Studies, Sport, Education, Health, Engineering, Architecture and Building. This means that the Universidad Europea Graduate School has one of the most varied and extensive academic offers among higher education instituions in Spain.

    The programs include PhDs and Master´s Degrees (with certification and specialization), leading to recognized degrees thar are valid throuhout the European Higher Education Area, and private Universidad Europea Master´s Degrees and Certificate Courses adapted to the specific needs of the job market, allowing students to become true professionals.

    True to its innovative nature, the Universidad Europea Graduate School promotes and international educational model that is connected to the world of work and offers high academic standars, in order to enhance students´skills and ensure their future employability.

    The Universidad Eurpea Graduate School includes two specialist schools:

    • IEDE Business School. The first business school to be fully compliant with the European Higher Education Area and specifically designed to offer students successful managerial training with a clear international perspetive.

    • Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid- Universidad Europea. . The only School of its kind in the world and the first higher education center to specilize in all sports-related disciplines: Management, Health, Physical Activity, Media, Law and Leisure. .

    Click here to see all the graduate programs available

    Check out our offer of Bilingual or 100% English programs here


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    Advanced Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is a group of higher education programs that provide the vocational training and qualification needed to perform a skilled job within the various career fields.

    They are mainly aimed at students who have a High School Diploma and are looking for intensive training in a profession with the guarantee of an Advanced Career and Technical Education qualification in order to enter the job market after only a two-year period of study, or simply as an alternative route to a Bachelor's Degree program with an attractive credit recognition plan.

    Click here to see all the ACTE programs available

  • Exchange Programmes

    Universidad Europea has students from 60 nationalities. More than 15% of our students come from other countries, which allows all our students to enjoy a truly international experience.

    If you are interested in coming to study at Universidad Europea, see below for more information about our exchange programs.


    Erasmus is a student exchange program between universities, companies and institutions that covers the entire network of universities in Europe. Every year Universidad Europea welcomes a large number of students who benefit from this program.

    Bilateral Agreements

    To promote internationality, Universidad Europea has developed bilateral agreements with prestigious universities from countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China, South Korea and Australia.

    Laureate Internacional Network

    Laureate International Universities Network students have the opportunity to carry out part of their studies at Universidad Europea.Laureate, world leader in higher education, is present in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, thus offering its students countless opportunities for academic exchanges, cultural immersion and global education.

    Dual Degree

    Through our agreements with international universities you can take part of your degree at Universidad Europea and obtain a university degree from both institutions (UE and your university of origin).

    Once you have finished your studies, you will simultaneously obtain a university degree from both institutions.

    Registration procedure for Exchange Students

    1. Create your own timetable

    2. Course Catalogue 2016/17

  • Admissions

    International Admissions Process:

    Find out all the information about the admissions process at the following link.


    Find out about the Spanish language programs offered by our Language Center.

    100% English programs.

  • Students Testimonials

    I came here for six months and now I live in Madrid.

    Valentina Villa, Erasmus student from Bergamo, Italy.School of Communication.

    One of the things that most impressed me about the University was the healthy environment and the feeling of energy there. We also had high-quality materials and facilities to help us with our education.

    The International Department did everything it could to make my stay as pleasant as possible from day one. They helped me find the right balance between the professional world and my classes at the university.

    I have developed a special relationship with this University. My stay here, with all the lectures and master classes, and all the experiences I shared with my fellow students, helped me discover what really interests me, to find my way.

    My experience here at Universidad Europea, together with all the activities offered by the University, has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally.

    Marco Schätzel, International Student from Leipzig University, Germany. Sports Management and Sports Science student.

    My stay in Madrid has been an incredible experience. I’m living in Madrid, which is totally different from my home town. It’s another way of life and people are more open minded. I love Madrid!.

    From day one, both professors and students have helped me integrate and enjoy this experience. The University helped me with the language by offering an intensive course that allowed me to improve my Spanish before starting the classes.

    I’ve been able to choose the subjects I want, and that’s why I enjoy each class more and more. Class groups are smaller than in my country, so we have a better relationship with the teachers. Also, with practical classes such as tennis and golf we make the most of our time.

    I love Universidad Europea because of its facilities and because of the people; they’re open minded and friendly, which helps you settle in from the moment you arrive.

    Abla Berberi, Erasmus student from the University of Genoa (Italy) School of Biomedical Sciences, Degree in Medicine, final year.

    I study in Italy and I wanted to experience living in Spain. If you come here it is obvious you're going to enjoy yourself, not only because of the studies, but also because of the culture, the cities, the atmosphere...

    Classes are small, which allows us to have a more direct relationship with our classmates and professors. The professors even offer to explain the material or help us outside the class! This makes us more motivated and improves the quality of teaching.

    If I want to be a doctor I need to have a very global view of things. An experience like this will help me in my personal and professional future. It changes the way you think.

    It’s an amazing experience! We’d definitely recommend it.

    Valeria Callejas and Anna Rodriguez, Laureate students Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Ecuador. School of Arts and Communication. Bachelor’s Degree in Advertisin.

    We've always wanted to take part in an exchange. Taking advantage of the fact that our University is also part of the Laureate International Universities Network, we saw a lot possibilities… Chile, Brazil, Spain and Peru, but we chose to come here because of the language and because it had the best references. We applied in March and April, and by May we knew we were coming to Universidad Europea. The University responded very quickly.

    We hope that many more people from Ecuador come here, and we’d also like Spanish students to go to our university to study. At the moment, we’re very interested in doing a dual degree with the Universidad Europea.

    Advertising is an international career and being here allows us to learn a lot about European advertising. Classes are in English and our classmates come from all over the world: Brazil, the Netherlands, Mexico, Ecuador, Austria, Italy, Spain...

  • Life on campus

    Foto7 EscaleraEvery year Universidad Europea welcomes more than 2,000 students and professors from all over the world, which undoubtedly enriches the acadecmic activity in class and makes campus life a wonderfully diverse cultural experience.

    Universidad Europea completes this education with a range of activities and options outside the classroom, designed to give students a healthy experience of university life, with links to culture and social responsibility. Exhibitions, events, research club, music, dance and theater groups, sports competitions… These are just a few of the many activities happening every day at the University.

    At the Villaviciosa de Odón Campus (Madrid), Universidad Europea has a sports complex of over 14,000 square meters with swimming pools, a gym, an athletics track, tennis and paddle tennis courts, a soccer field, beach volleyball court and sports pavilion. There is also the outstanding Dulce Chacón library, with more than 100,000 books and 18,000 digital publications, which was recently awarded the 400+ Seal of European Excellence.

    The University has two student dormitories on campus with a capacity for over 550 people, whre all students´domestic, academic and security needs are catered for. It also offers an off-campus accommodation plan for students who prefer to live in the city.

    Foto8 Vida Campus

  • Live in Spain

    Life in Madrid

    A city open to the world, art and culture. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

    Foto9 Gran ViaMadrid is one of the liveliest European capitals with the most sports, artistic and cultural activities. 365 days a year, it offers its citizens and thousands of tourists a wide range of options, including exhibitions, major sporting events, concerts, outdoor events and shows, not to mention its famous pavement cafés and tapas bars. History, tradition, the avant-garde and legendary works of art all form part of this bustling metropolis.

    Day and night, it is a safe city that invites you to stroll around its streets and its fabulous parks and to enjoy one of the most varied cuisines in the world.

    Also well-known for its friendly and hospitable people, Madrid is not only a gateway to Europe but a meeting point for three continents.


    The cost of living in Madrid or Valencia can add up to an average of 1,000 € per month including accommodation, food and other expenses.

    By way of a guide, we have set out some approximate costs in the following table:

    Accommodation in a shared apartment 350€ - 450€
    Monthly travel card
    (metro, bus and regional train)
    48€ - 63€ (Zona A)
    Depending on the zone
    Food (supermarket) 200€ - 300€
    Menu of the day in a restaurant 9€ - 12€
    Cinema 7€ - 9€


    These are some of the housing alternatives, you have to find the one that best suits your needs, possibilities, and tastes.

    University Dormitories

    University Dormitories: Universidad Europea offers two University Dormitories on its Villaviciosa de Odón Campus (Madrid) meeting all your domestic, academic and security requirements.

    Learn more about the University Dormitories here. (University Dormitories link)

    Universidad Europea Accommodation Portal

    The Universidad Europea Accommodation Portal offers you a personalized service to help you search for accommodation in shared apartments, studios, rooms in family houses and so on...


    Autonomous Community of Madrid

    The Autonomous Community of Madrid offers the following hosting search tools:




    Ayuntamiento de Madrid [Madrid City Council]: www.madrid.es

    EsMadrid: www.esmadrid.es

    Foto 10 Montaje Madrid

    Life in Valencia

    Valencia is one of the most avant-garde cities and one that has undergone the most development in recent years. In addition it has beauty, history, traditions and an economic fabric that has turned it into the destination of choice for millions of people every year, both for pleasure and for business.

    In its gastronomy, local festivals, architecture and cultural and leisure activities of offer, we find innumerable examples among which we can name “Las Fallas” [the Fires], “La Tomatina” [the Tomato Fight] or its ubiquitous paella. The “Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias” [the City of Arts and Sciences], brings together exhibitions and events, combining leisure and culture and represents the most important center of its kind in the whole of

    In addition, Valencia hosts sports competitions that have a significant international following, including the European Formula 1 Grand Prix or the Tennis Open.

    Its privileged location on the Mediterranean gives the city fantastic beaches that can be enjoyed all year round thanks to the temperate and pleasant climate that is characteristic of Valencia

    Accommodation in a shared apartment 250€ - 300€
    Monthly travel card 38€ (Zona A)
    Food (Supermarket) 200€
    Menu of the day in a restaurant 9€ - 12€
    Cinema 7€ - 9€


    The city of Valencia offers different options for student accommodation like our recommended accommodation : “Colegio Mayor LA Concepción”.

    The new Colegio Mayor La Concepción, accommodation recommended by the Universidad Europea de Valencia, has been specially designed to meet the needs of space, comfort and privacy of the Universidad Europea de Valencia students.

    Or also via various agencies such as: www.universalstudents.es


    Ayuntamiento de Valencia [Valencia City Council]: www.valencia.es
    TurisValencia: www.turisvalencia.com

    Life in Canarias

    The largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife sits in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of North Africa and is the destination of choice for millions of tourists every year. In Tenerife one can enjoy an incredible variety of extraordinary natural landscapes, from the top of Mt. Teide, the highest point in Spain, to the sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs and forests populated with prehistoric species. The unique island boasts two World Heritage Sites, one National Park and 42 protected natural areas. In addition, Tenerife offers innumerable sport, leisure and cultural activities, including the second largest Carnaval in the world.


    The town of La Orotava, home to the Universidad Europea de Canarias, is one of the municipalities on Tenerife Island with the most history and tradition, offering a wide range of monuments, impressive views and gardens, festivals and popular holiday traditions.


    The islands are easily accessible, with direct daily flights to most of the major European cities.

    Accommodation in a shared apartment 150€ - 200€
    Monthly travel card 20€
    Food (Supermarket) 150€
    Menu of the day in a restaurant 8€ - 10€
    Cinema 7€


    La Orotava offers plenty of affordable housing within walking distance of the university campus. Students can search for shared apartments using any of the various accommodation agencies in Tenerife, such as “Inmobiliaria Inmorotava”: www.inmorotava.com


    Discover everything Canarias has to offer at www.turismodecanarias.com