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At the Universidad Europea Graduate School you’ll find everything you need to get ahead


The Universidad Europea Graduate School offers more than 140 graduate degree programs, organized into 18 different disciplines.

This offering comprises PhDs, Master's Degrees and Certificate Courses (both accredited and private) tailored to the specific needs of today’s employment market in order to produce the most competent professionals in each field.

Thanks to this range of options, the Graduate School has one of the widest and most varied academic offerings in Spain.

In keeping with its firm commitment to innovation, the Universidad Europea Graduate School reviews all its programs every year, as well as introducing 30 new graduate programs. This adaptation to the labor market is further enhanced by skills workshops, seminars with top professionals, case studies of topical relevance, cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.


The combination of accredited graduate degrees and professional specialization programs, all fully updated and with first-rate facilities for the necessary practical sessions, allows us to meet the needs of students with different profiles, such as recent graduates or executives, who decide to resume their higher education to advance their career or to move into a different field of professional activity.


At the Graduate School, we always bear three fundamental concepts in mind when designing the curriculum of each specialized program:

International Perspective

The Graduate School welcomes students of nearly 70 different nationalities. Foreign students make up 30% of the total and help create a multicultural community which is both personally and professionally enriching. All the programs emphasize this international perspective in different aspects: languages, faculty, students, periods of study abroad, etc. The fundamental goal is to improve each student's competitiveness and employability in international settings.

Professional Connections

In any given Graduate School program, the curriculum focuses on the needs of companies so as to ensure their backing from the start as well as their later support for students when they embark on their careers.

All the programs offered by the Universidad Europea Graduate School are endorsed by the professional sector and designed in collaboration with established companies and renowned experts, leaders in the industry involved in each case. As a result, all students benefit from hands-on training, including internships at top companies and institutions both in Spain and abroad.

Academic Quality

The Graduate School follows an educational model based on academic excellence, daily practice, and a commitment to new technologies. Consequently, it has been awarded a number of prestigious quality certificates.

Calidad 2012


The creation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) means that all university degree programs in all European countries guarantee equivalent academic programs, which entails immediate recognition of PhDs and Master's Degrees (that Certify and/or Specialize) anywhere in Europe, international mobility, and lifelong learning.


The Graduate School also offers Master's Degrees and Certificate Courses, Universidad Europea private qualifications tailored to the specific needs of each professional sector.

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Why study at Universidad Europea?

  • Excelencia Academica Academic excellence

    Leader in facilities and technology. The 2nd ranking private university in Spain in scientific production. An average of 1 professor per 23 students. Advanced technology applied to learning.

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  • InternacionalidadInternational context 

    282 exchange agreements. Programs and internships in more than 40 countries. 70 programs 100% in English or in bilingual formats.

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  • Desarrollo Competencial Skills development

    100% of our students receive an integrated education. Excellent students program. Development of skills such as problem solving, leadership.

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  • Empleabilidad Focus on employment

    90% of our students find work in the first year. 3,000 agreements with companies. 2000 curricular internships a year. 10% outside Spain.

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