Academic Freedom Policy

According to Article 6.5 of the Organic Law on OU universities, Private Universities will be organized in such a way as to ensure, through the participation of the University Community, that they effectively respect constitutional principles and guarantee the principle of academic freedom shown in the freedom of teaching, research and study, and will be governed by the LOU and other applicable state or regional regulations, their Law of Recognition and their own Organizational and Operational Regulations, which will include the rulings arising from Article 2.2 of the LOU on the independence of universities, and the nature of the University itself, if applicable.

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Diversity Policy

Universidad Europea de Madrid’s Diversity Policy is based on respecting, complying with and defending current Spanish legislation.

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General Claims Policy

This policy aims to establish the procedure to allows all professors and administrative staff of Universidad Europea de Madrid to make any type of appeal, complaint or suggestion to reinforce our commitment to the welfare of the Professionals and our goal of continuous improvement

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Credits Policy

The Credits Policy of Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) is guided by the Mission1 and Vision2 established by the institution as set out on its website. In the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) are extended as a measure of academic assessment of the subjects in all official European university studies.

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Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) is guided by the Mission and Vision indicated on the website.

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Curriculum Design Policy

The UEM makes an institutional undertaking through this policy to ensure faculty members take part in the design, development and assessment of the curricula of each Program/Degree taught at the University.

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Policy to identify and develop talent

This declaration´s objective is to facilitate identification of existing talent within the institution and to outline the mechanisms to develop such talent thus improving individual and collective performance and to generate professionals with the capacity to assume new and greater responsibilities in the future.

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