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An unrepeatable cultural and life experience

Spain currently receives around 90,000 international students each year (datos del Informe 2015-2016 MECD), according to figures from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, making the country one of the preferred destinations for students wanting to study abroad. What’s more, according to the QS Best Student Cities ranking, showing the best cities in the world for students, Valencia, along with Madrid and Barcelona, is one of the preferences of students who decide to spend a period of study in our country.

Year after year new students from third countries enroll in the universities of Valencia for their studies; for every Spanish student going abroad two international students come to our country.

Valencia, an hour and a half from Madrid thanks to the high speed train connection, offers numerous advantages for students who choose the city to complete their education. In terms of quality of life, it is a medium-sized city that is easy to live in as there are no problems getting around, it has excellent weather conditions and its natural surroundings are highly valued.

It is also a dynamic, vibrant city that spontaneously combines history, tradition and avantgarde. That means it is bursting with leisure and cultural options to satisfy the needs of any student eager to make the most of their international experience.

As for the Universidad Europea de Valencia, almost half of our students come from abroad. As a member of the Laureate International Universities Network we are also connected to over one million students at 70 universities across the world. Our international outlook makes us stand out from the rest; we offer an education that is open to the world.

And the best example of this international trend is the Erasmus+ program, which has increased the number of foreign Bachelor’s degree students in the Spanish University System tenfold. In fact, according to a recent study by the CyD Foundation marking the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ program, Madrid is one of the regions in Spain that attracts the most foreign students.

Its great educational offering

The educational offering at the Universidad Europea de Valencia includes Bachelor’s degrees, Double degrees, Graduate degrees and Advanced Career and Technical Education so that students develop their full potential and acquire a professional profile that is attractive on the international market.

For years, Universidad Europea de Valencia has been responding to this innovation model in higher education, widely and successfully developed in areas such as health, social sciences, architecture, engineering and sport.

True to our commitment to innovation, we offer an international educational model that is connected to the professional world, with high academic quality and based on acquiring knowledge, competences and values. We also seek to generate and transfer knowledge through applied research.

Valencia campus

The urban Universidad Europea de Valencia campus, located in the city center, offers multiple advantages for students. It stands opposite the Viveros gardens right on Avenida de Aragón. This location gives students the opportunity to enjoy leisure time, a hive of professional and university activities, and convenient access to public transportation. It has four buildings housing two libraries, common study spaces, and a language lab. In the University Clinic, with around 11,000 ft2, students perform Dentistry internships with the latest technology and provide healthcare for patients with the support of the teachers, mostly working professionals.


Valencia is a city overlooking the sea. The water sends out its good vibes to students, who are quick to integrate into the Mediterranean lifestyle and enjoy the urban beaches. Meanwhile, multiple infrastructures connect Valencia with Madrid in an hour and a half, while Manises Airport connects the city with various European destinations with flights offered by scheduled and low cost airlines.

Cultural and tourist immersion

Concerts, sporting events, theater, exhibitions, movie premieres, catwalks, conferences... Or having a drink in various nightlife areas, Valencia has developed a vibrant, outstanding and attractive range of cultural options.

Unique gastronomy

Valencia is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city and, thanks to its unique personality, you can enjoy food from all over the world without leaving the city.

It cuisine is a reflection of the cultural wealth and diversity of a city that combines very diverse cultures.

Quality of life

Quality of life is an element students consider most when assessing a city. Factors such as how easy it is to find accommodation, the weather, healthcare services, transport, nightlife, the character of the locals, price of living, etc., converge in Valencia to make it one of the most attractive cities for international students.


Spain is a very safe country. In fact, it  ranks 17th place in the 162 safest countries, proof that it is one of the safest countries in the EU and, therefore, one of the safest in the world.

An attractive language

One of the reasons for students completing part of their studies abroad is that learning a second language is important. In this area Valencia is also privileged as it offers the opportunity to learn the second most commonly-spoken language in the world today.

In a global context, in terms of the prospect of being able to speak a language in constant expansion, –the 2017 Annual Report prepared by the Cervantes Institute estimates that by 2050 the Spanish-speaking population will grow to 754 million people worldwide. –, over 7.8% of the world’s population –. This is without a doubt one of Valencia’s best strengths.

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