Academic Model

As Universidad Europea believes we are all unique and that each individual learns in different way, it has designed an exclusive academic model that is person-centered and capable of providing each student with a personalized learning experience.

Ours is a model that pursues the holistic development of each individual student, allowing them to acquire knowledge, competencies and values for a global world.

It’s also a demanding model geared towards producing the best graduates. It focuses on your development as a student and requires your active participation, which involves commitment and constant dedication, including compulsory class attendance. The teaching methodologies and support provided by faculty, together with the use of technology, periods of study abroad, internships, and extracurricular activities, enable you to become your ‘best version of you’ and boost your employability in a global world.

The quality of our academic model is reflected in our excellent employability results: 90% of our graduates find employment within a year.

An integrated learning experience

The keys of our model

LPA, the new professional certificate

Conferences and seminars that promote the academic model

Institutional Learning Outcomes


Trabajo en EquipoCapacity to integrate and actively collaborate with other people, areas and/or organization to achieve common goals.


LiderazgoBe able to direct, motivate and guide others, recognizing their capacities and skills, and effectively manage their development and common interests.

Entrepeneurial Spirit

Espíritu EmprendadorCapacity to assume and undertake activities that generate new opportunities, anticipate problems or entail improvements.

Global Mindset

Mentalidad GlobalBe able to show interest in and understand other standards and cultures, recognize their own tendencies and work effectively in a global community.

Ethical Values

Valores ÉticosCapacity to think and act according to universal values based on the value of the person designed for their full development and entailing a commitment to certain social values.

Autonomous Learning

Aprendizaje AutónomoSeries of skills to select strategies to search for, analyze, assess and manage information from various sources, and to learn and put lessons learned into practice independently.

Written and Oral Communication

Comunicación Escrita y OralCapacity to convey and receive data, ideas, opinions and attitudes for understanding and action; oral communication using words and gestures, and written communication by writing and/or using graphic support.

Analysis and Problem Solving

Análisis y Resolución de ProblemasBe able to critically assess information, break down complex situations into parts, recognize patterns, and consider other alternatives, approaches and perspectives to find optimum solutions and efficient negotiations.


Adaptación al CambioBe able to accept, evaluate and integrate different positions, adapting their own approach as required by the situation, and working effectively in ambiguous situations.

Find a job


find work within 6 months of completing their studies


find work within 12 months of completing their studies


of our students run their own businesses

Why study at Universidad Europea?

  • Excelencia Academica Academic excellence

    Leader in facilities and technology. The 2nd ranking private university in Spain in scientific production. An average of 1 professor per 23 students. Advanced technology applied to learning.

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  • InternacionalidadInternational context 

    282 exchange agreements. Programs and internships in more than 40 countries. 70 programs 100% in English or in bilingual formats.

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  • Desarrollo Competencial Skills development

    100% of our students receive an integrated education. Excellent students program. Development of skills such as problem solving, leadership.

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  • Empleabilidad Focus on employment

    90% of our students find work in the first year. 3,000 agreements with companies. 2000 curricular internships a year. 10% outside Spain.

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