An engaged faculty

Our teachers hold high level and prestigious qualifications and are very highly regarded by our students.

An engaged faculty

60% Active Professionals

Our students learn what they will need when they enter the workforce.

Excellent assessment

Our teaching staff are rated at 4,2 out of 5 by our students.

Tutor for each student

Foments the motivation of each student, as well as the development of their full potential and skills.

The leading role in the learning process is held by the student. We aim to create an investigative climate in the classroom that stimulates the student’s curiosity, offering the necessary help, providing the sources of information and organising activities which are guided by the results which they seek to attain. We also encourage creativity, innovation and lastly, an entrepreneurial spirit in our students, adding value to society through their projects.

We see the teacher as a facilitator in the learning process for teachers. To this end, different strategies are used:

  • Organising the learning process around real problems.
  • Providing resources that allow students to experience learning in line with their interests and needs.
  • Using learning contracts agreed upon between teacher and student.
  • Proposing the completion of investigative work and/or completing and evaluating projects between students.

The teacher has a direct and personal relationship with the student, by establishing a one-on-one relationship. In this relationship, it is key to be understanding, have empathy and to accept the student as an independent being that participates in the decision-making process and in the design of the learning process.

The task of the teacher as a facilitator is to plan and design the activities that are going to be used throughout the subject/module in order to attain the forecasted learning results. In this way, during the learning process, the teacher facilitates, guides, motivates and provides feedback to students regarding how they are progressing and adjusts the learning process accordingly.

Education innovation for constant improvement is the main feature of the teaching staff at UE, who actively seek opportunities to improve in and out of the classroom, through observation and analysis of their work in the classroom, working in a coordinated manner with other teaching staff.

Making teaching more approachable in our University means going beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge in each area on the part of our students, in order to achieve the development of integral and integrated learning, immersed in the profession, with high levels of commitment and an aim to train qualified professionals who are ready to find solutions to the needs of a global world, to bring value to their professions and to contribute to social progress with an entrepreneurial spirit and ethical commitment.

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