LPA, the new professional certificate

In the current environment the LPA is going to help differentiate you

Luis López, Director of Human Resources, Deloitte

Laureate Professional Assessment (LPA) is the first certificate of its kind in Spain, and has been created by Universidad Europea specifically for bachelor’s degree students. It assesses a total of eight competencies identified by companies in the job market as being the most sought-after.

Using a tool designed and administered by a highly regarded external company specializing in competency assessment (TEA Ediciones), each graduate is issued with a personalized certificate and a brief guide to the strengths they have acquired and demonstrated during their learning experience.

From now on, all graduating bachelor’s degree students will receive a certificate that vouches for their competency profile and also includes information about their value-added learning experiences (such as internships, periods of study abroad, or participation in social responsibility projects), as well as the student’s transcript.

Employability is a priority for our network, and thanks to the pioneering work of Universidad Europea we now have a tool that we intend to use at every university throughout the Laureate network

Jean-Bernard Seitz, Head of Employability Services, Laureate International Universities

The LPA will allow employers to know a graduate’s level of performance in eight competencies: communication, leadership, teamwork, capacity to adapt to new situations, initiative, problem-solving, decision-making skills, and planning and organization.

For us it is essential to have a clearer picture of the person we are interviewing, so that we can find the right fit for the jobs we have on offer

Alfonso Gordon, Director of Human Resources, Eulen

Why is LPA important for your professional career? Know more about our exclusive certificate in this video.