Experiential Learning

Our model goes beyond theory and focuses on learning by "experiencing". It does not create professions, but professionals.

Experiential Learning

Our Academic Model

We are all unique and each one learns differently, that is why Universidad Europea is committed to comprehensive training, which allows our students to fully develop the skills, knowledge and values ​​demanded by today's society, thus favoring their employability in a global world .

The keys of our Academic Model are:

  • A faculty of highly qualified teachers.
  • Degrees designed with a professional and global approach, in whose design both the faculty of the university and external experts in the areas to be developed participate.
  • A Humanistic Educational Model, centered on the person, the commitment and the demand.
  • A culture of quality and evidence with measurement and continuous improvement of the formative experience.
  • A commitment to research as a source of knowledge and improvement of the learning experience of students.

This results in a comprehensive training experience, the basis of our Educational Model, aimed at our graduates having a highly differentiating profile, which brings together the following achievements:

  • Have acquired excellent technical knowledge.
  • Have acquired the general and specific competences of their degree.
  • Have developed values.
  • Speak English fluently
  • Have done professional internships
  • Have international experience
  • To be entrepreneur
  • Have a high employability.
  • Have developed their emotional intelligence.
  • Want to keep learning.
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