ANA SERRA: “Thanks to the Universidad Europea de Valencia Global program I have a wonderful résumé”

Student of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Universidad Europea de Valencia doing an internship at Iberdrola

Entrepreneurship, Employability, International Experiences, Business

Ana Serra is studying the Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the Universidad Europea de Valencia, which includes a study period abroad, and she recently started her internship at Iberdrola. She tells us about her experience.

6 Jul 2016


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This summer will be different for Ana Serra, a student of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Universidad Europea de Valencia which has a study abroad program called Global. It will be different because she has recently started her internship at Iberdrola. Thanks to the agreement signed between the company and Universidad Europea de Valencia, Ana will learn first-hand how a large-scale business organization operates.

Ana works "in the marketing area, in small Spanish companies: I am learning a great deal; the electrical sector is much more complicated than I could have imagined. Right now I am studying the processes that they manage in order to try to implement improvements and improve customer satisfaction and the services they offer.”

This internship is part of Ana’s curriculum, and she is very pleased with the education she is receiving at Universidad Europea de Valencia. “I chose this Bachelor’s Degree because it is 100% in English and you have the option to study abroad in the third and fourth years. Also because the destinations you can choose from (New York’s Pace University, the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, California) are very interesting and this is an opportunity offered by few universities.” Ana chose New York as a destination, where she spent "the second and third quarter, taking a total of five classes. The experience was incredible; I learned about a different way of working, with different values and a different lifestyle. I grew both academically and personally and I am very satisfied. It was also wonderful to share the experience with my classmates, and our time in the U.S. brought us even closer together.”

These experiences and opportunities offered to Ana by Universidad Europea de Valencia are opening many doors for her in terms of her employability: “Every time a company looks at my résumé they think it is wonderful and they are very surprised. Friends and classmates also think that this Bachelor’s Degree offers great opportunities for my employability in the job market. Languages are also very important, and doing my entire degree in English, in addition to studying abroad, is very valuable and opens up many doors. For example, in my internship they were very surprised at my language level and also at my computer literacy and adeptness.”