Top program

Program for high-performing students


One more year at Universidad Europea we launch the Top Program for high performing students (TOP: Talented, Outstanding People), a propietary system of grants aimed at students that have proved a high academic performance in the previous stages to university and who wish to continue their education enrolling a bachelor's degree at Universidad Europea.

After the success of previous editions of the program, we keep considering essential to accompany and develop in these students their personal and professional competences, ensuring their professional success and them adding value to social progress. Join this program and get the maximum from your effort


  • New students in first year of bachelor's degree that have finished their previous studies with an excelent academic record, a high knowledge of english language and outstanding personal competences.
  • Students of bachellors' in Universidad Europea that have been part of the Top Program in previous editions and that have finished their academic year with an excelent academic record, a high knowledge of english and outstanding personal competences.


Students initiating their first year at bachellor's degree with a qualification of at least 10 (PAU and CFGS). For the degree in medicine, qualification must be of at least 12.5.

Students that follow these conditions will keep the Top Program grant::

  • Average qualification of 8 in the previous academic year (7.5 for double degrees).
  • Positive evalutaion from their personal advisor on the exploitation of the program of complementary activities.


The students of new enrollment in the Top Program can benefit from a 50% discount on the tuition fees of their bachelor's degree.


Students applying must submit the following documentation not later than 30 June 2013:

  • Copy of the PAU card sent to indicating in the subject of the email "Top Program"

Don't forget to indicate in the enrollment application after making making  the enrollment tests to be included in the Top Program (in the chapter "Observations").


Universidad Europea will communicate to students their eventual inclussion in the Top Program by 5 July, following the ranking by access qualification. 

  • If there are coincidences in qualifications, application with an earlier date will prevail.
  • The list of the awarded students will be published in our website identified by number of application.

Selected students have 10 days to formalice their enrollment, until 15 July 2013. If the term is finished without the formalization, the student's place will be awarded to the next student in the waiting list.

The program will be closed by 31 July 2013.

Only students of Universidad Europea that fulfilling the access requirements have applied for the grant from their original enrollment with us will keep their grant in the following years


The 50% discount in the tuition fee is given to excellent students during the duration of their bachelor's degree studies whenever they fulfill permanence requirements.
The program of complementary activities for the member of the Top Program will have a maximum duration of four years.

During these years, the students, with the help of their personal advisor, will advance progresively making a minimum of 3 complementary activities that migh vary each year.

Some activities are compulsory such as learning at least a third language. Others might be optional giving the students the choice according to their interest.

  • Advanced english language
  • Participation in the Foreign Language Program: french, portuguese, german, chinese, arab,...
  • Habilities and competence development workshops
  • Intercultural workshop
  • Entrepeneurship development workshop
  • Scientific research workshop
  • International leadership workshop
  • Participation in a research program of one of the Excellence Centers of Universidad Europea, resulting in a scientific article.
  • International stay or participation in a cooperation or international volunteering project.
  • International internships.
  • Professional mentoring sessions.
  • Personal employment plan, including individual coaching sessions.

Students benefiting from the Top Program in editions before 2013/14

Students that benefit from the Top Program in the academic year 2012/13 will benefit in 2013/14 according to the conditions in the documentation fo the Top Program 2013/14.

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