Double Degree: Journalism + Media Studies and Multimedia

Double Degree: Journalism + Media Studies and Multimedia

Study modes

  • Campus Based


  • 4.5 years

Universities / Campuses

  • Madrid (Villaviciosa de Odón Campus)


  • Bilingual


  • 306


  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Areas

    • Communication

    A journalist capable of generating and producing his or her own news content

    The Double Degree: Journalism + Media Studies and Multimedia responds to the work force’s demand for journalism professionals that are innovative and capable of not only understanding and explaining the essence of what is happening, but also of creating and directly managing audiovisual and multimedia content wherever there is a news story.

    In a society where agility and creativity are key in transmitting content, and in which there are multiple media to transmit information, a wide range of possibilities opens up for professionals who know how to transmit the news message in an efficient and innovative way.

    This Double Degree is more than a combination of both disciplines: it is the sum of the competences that the student acquires in the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and in the Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and Multimedia. Thus, we provide students with the necessary tools to become authentic professionals in content and new forms of media, from television and radio, to Internet, videogames or film, making the most of all the possibilities multimedia technology offers, to give way to a comprehensive professional capable of developing his or her profession in multiple media and in the different roles that are demanded.

    The Double Degree:  Journalism + Media Studies and Multimedia is based on real, practical training from day one, in a professional and international setting. The conjunction of both degrees prepares students for real and comprehensive work force integration in a wide variety of professions, from the most modern Radio, TV or Internet Journalism, to the most advanced corporate and business communication, by means of the creation and production of the most innovative content.

    You will work with first-rate professionals that make up our creative Chairs: Carmen Posadas’ Creative Writing Chair and Luis Bassat’s Creativity Workshop.  The Chairs aim to be a reference in the creation of contents, formats, pieces and designs and they bring together and involve noted professionals, companies, entities, and prestigious organizations to the School.

    In addition, all of your projects will be available to the world on UEMCOM, a real communication platform openly broadcasted to the public that is aimed at and run by our students. UEMCOM faithfully reproduces the working environment you will find upon completing your University studies.


    employability in the first year.


    countries to choose from for your internship.


    agreements with companies.


    of our students would study with us again and graduate with the same degree

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      Academic excellence

      Leader in facilities and technology. The 2nd ranking private university in Spain in scientific production. An average of 1 professor per 23 students. Advanced technology applied to teaching.

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      International context

      282 exchange agreements. Programs and internships in more than 40 countries. 70 programs 100% in English or in bilingual formats.

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      Skills development

      100% of our students receive the personalized attention of an advisor and study in small groups.

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      Focus on employment

      90% of Universidad Europea graduates find work in the first year after finishing their studies; 69% in the first 6 months. 3,000 agreements with companies. 2,000 internships a year. 10% outside Spain.

    Logotipo de Universidad Europea de Madrid

    Programa de estudios

    PRIMER CURSO 75 ECTS (Plan de estudios 2010)

    Primer Semestre
    Código Asignatura Créditos
    M999002101 Habilidades comunicativas 6 ECTS
    M999002102 Diseño y Maquetación 6 ECTS
    M999002103 Diseño de Escenarios Virtuales 6 ECTS
    M999002104 Técnicas y Estrategias de la Comunicación 6 ECTS
    M999002105 Pensamiento Creativo 6 ECTS
    M999002106 Géneros Informativos y Redacción Periodística 6 ECTS
    Total semestre 36 ECTS

    Segundo Semestre
    Código Asignatura Créditos
    M999002107 Fotografía 6 ECTS
    M999002108 Tecnología Audiovisual 6 ECTS
    M999002109 Journalistic Documentation and Research 6 ECTS
    M999002110 Locución y Presentación 3 ECTS
    M999002111 Historia del Cine 6 ECTS
    M999002112 Ética y Legislación 6 ECTS
    M999002113 Taller de Creatividad 6 ECTS
    Total semestre 39 ECTS

    SEGUNDO CURSO 72 ECTS (Plan de estudios 2007)

    Tercer Semestre
    Código Asignatura Créditos
    M999001201 Animación y videojuegos 6 ECTS
    M999001202 Diseño y programación multimedia 6 ECTS
    M999001204 Estética y dirección de Arte 6 ECTS
    M999001210 Persuasión y opinión 6 ECTS
    M999001211 Producción y realización en Radio 6 ECTS
    M999001213 Sonido en TV y espectáculos 3 ECTS
    Total semestre 33 ECTS

    Cuarto Semestre
    Código Asignatura Créditos
    M999001203 Escenografía e iluminación 3 ECTS
    M999001205 Ética y deontología profesional 6 ECTS
    M999001206 Fotoperiodismo 6 ECTS
    M999001207 Grupos de comunicación y empresa informativa 6 ECTS
    M999001208 Inglés 6 ECTS
    M999001209 Laboratorio de Radio 6 ECTS
    M999001212 Producción y realización en Televisión 6 ECTS
    Total semestre 39 ECTS

    TERCER CURSO 66 ECTS (Plan de estudios 2007)

    Quinto Semestre
    Código Asignatura Créditos
    M999001301 Comunicación política internacional 6 ECTS
    M999001302 Derecho de la comunicación 3 ECTS
    M999001305 España y su historia reciente 6 ECTS
    M999001307 Geopolítica 6 ECTS
    M999001309 Laboratorio de TV 6 ECTS
    M999001310 Marketing y comunicación global 3ECTS
    M999001311 Plataformas de periodismo multimedia 6 ECTS
    Total semestre 30 ECTS

    Sexto Semestre (opción New York Film Academy en Los Ángeles)
    Código Asignatura Créditos
    M999001303 Dirección cinematográfica 3 ECTS
    M999001304 Diseño de sonido cinematográfico 3ECTS
    M999001306 Fotografía cinematográfica 6 ECTS
    M999001308 Guión cinematográfico 6 ECTS
    M999001312 Producción, distribución y exhibición cinematográfica 6 ECTS
    Total semestre 36 ECTS

    CUARTO CURSO 63 ECTS (Plan de estudios 2007)

    Séptimo Semestre
    Asignatura Créditos
    Optatividad 18 ECTS
    Inglés especializado 6 ECTS
    Planificación de coberturas informativas 3 ECTS
    Gabinetes de comunicación 6 ECTS
    Total semestre 33 ECTS

    Octavo Semestre
    Asignatura Créditos
    Periodismo cultural 6 ECTS
    Periodismo económico 6 ECTS
    Periodismo deportivo 6 ECTS
    Periodismo científico y medioambiental 6 ECTS
    Comunicación de eventos y entretenimiento 3 ECTS
    Crónica parlamentaria y de tribunales 3 ECTS
    Total semestre 30 ECTS

    Noveno Semestre
    Asignatura Créditos
    Prácticas Externas 6 ECTS
    Optatividad 12 ECTS
    Proyecto Fin de Grado 12 ECTS
    Cultura digital 6 ECTS
    Diseño y edición gráfica 3 ECTS
    Total semestre 39 ECTS


    Mención en cultural y sociedad
    Asignatura Créditos
    Edición gráfica 6 ECTS
    Idioma II 6 ECTS
    Literatura y comunicación 6 ECTS
    Periodismo y sociedad 6 ECTS
    Relaciones entre prensa y poder 6 ECTS
    Comunicación intercultural 6 ECTS
    Actividades Universitarias 6 ECTS
    Prácticas externas. 6 ECTS

    Mención en entorno digital
    Asignatura Créditos
    Procedimientos digitales aplicados en fotografía 6 ECTS
    Búsqueda y obtención de la información en Internet 6 ECTS
    Estética en el entorno multimedia 6 ECTS
    Movimientos artísticos contemporáneos 6 ECTS
    Infografía 6 ECTS
    Laboratorio de nuevos medios 6 ECTS
    Actividades Universitarias 6 ECTS
    Prácticas externas 6 ECTS

    Mención en cine
    Asignatura Créditos
    Caracterización en cine 6 ECTS
    Cine documental 6 ECTS
    Análisis cinematográfico 6 ECTS
    Efectos especiales 6 ECTS
    Puesta en escena y dirección de actores 6 ECTS
    Preproducción y postproducción en cine de animación 6 ECTS
    Actividades Universitarias 6 ECTS
    Prácticas externas 6 ECTS

    Mención en televisión
    Asignatura Créditos
    Formatos televisivos 6 ECTS
    Reportajes en Televisión 6 ECTS
    Todo noticias en Televisión 6 ECTS
    Taller de proyectos en Televisión 6 ECTS
    Programas de ficción en Televisión 6 ECTS
    Televisión deportiva 6 ECTS
    Actividades Universitarias 6 ECTS
    Prácticas externas 6 ECTS

    Mención en radio
    Asignatura Créditos
    Radio especializada 6 ECTS
    Todo noticias en Radio 6 ECTS
    Radio deportiva 6 ECTS
    La Radio en una campaña electoral 6 ECTS
    Radio-ficción 6 ECTS
    Taller de proyectos en Radio 6 ECTS
    Actividades Universitarias 6 ECTS
    Prácticas externas 6 ECTS

    Mención en fotografía
    Asignatura Créditos
    Iluminación en estudios 6 ECTS
    Publicación en la Red de proyectos fotográficos 6 ECTS
    Historia de la fotografía 6 ECTS
    Fotografía retro 6 ECTS
    Educación visual, gramática y estética de la imagen 6 ECTS
    Diseño editorial 6 ECTS
    Actividades Universitarias 6 ECTS
    Prácticas externas 6 ECTS

    Si procedes de fuera de la Comunidad de Madrid y quieres realizar un programa presencial, puedes encontrar un alojamiento adecuado a tus necesidades: cercanía del campus, seguridad, comodidad, ambiente académico, buen servicio, mobiliario de calidad, etc. Gracias a las dos residencias para estudiantes que la Universidad Europa dispone, ambas en el propio campus y con capacidad para más de 550 personas, con todas las necesidades domésticas, académicas y de seguridad que como estudiante necesitas.

    Estas residencias están destinadas tanto para alumnos como para aquellos profesores o personal que lo requiera en algún momento: intercambio científico, artístico o cultural, o incluso para cualquier otra persona cuya estancia esté vinculada directa o indirectamente con la Universidad.

    Buscar Alojamiento

    Garantía de Calidad 

    La Universidad Europea cuenta con un amplio abanico de reconocimientos que avalan su calidad académica. En concreto, cuenta con algunos de los siguientes prestigiosos galardones, como por ejemplo: el Sello de Excelencia Europea 500+, Quali-cert o Madrid Excelente.
    En el rating internacional de acreditación QS Stars, la Universidad Europea ha obtenido un total de cuatro estrellas sobre cinco en el rating internacional de acreditación de la calidad universitaria ‘QS Stars’. Este sistema de acreditación externo determina el nivel de excelencia alcanzado por las universidades en varias áreas. La Universidad Europea ha conseguido la máxima puntuación de cinco estrellas en Empleabilidad, Docencia, Instalaciones y Responsabilidad Social del rating.

    Calidad 2012

    *Estos reconocimientos han sido otorgados a la Universidad Europea de Madrid.

    Calidad e Innovación en el Siglo XXI

    La innovación es el eje a partir del cual se diseña la oferta formativa de la Universidad con el propósito de adaptarla a las necesidades y expectativas de los estudiantes. Además, la innovación se integra en el desarrollo de todo el proceso de aprendizaje de la Universidad, aplicando nuevas tecnologías y metodologías docentes en el aula.

    Cada estudiante cuenta con un mentor personal que realiza el acompañamiento del estudiante para el desarrollo progresivo de su inteligencia emocional y de determinadas competencias transversales que serán necesarias en el desarrollo de la práctica profesional.

    Sistema de Garantía de Calidad (SGIC)

    La Universidad Europea ha diseñado su Sistema de Garantía Interna de Calidad acorde con las directrices de la Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación (ANECA), como base estructural para garantizar la calidad de las nuevas titulaciones oficiales según las directrices de calidad del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) y la Ley Orgánica 4/2007, de 12 de abril, por la que se modifica la Ley Orgánica 6/2001, de 21 de diciembre, de Universidades.

    Sistema de Garantía de Calidad (SGIC)


    Líderes en I+D+I

    La excelencia en investigación es parte del compromiso que en la Universidad Europea hemos adquirido con la sociedad. Investigamos con el fin de generar conocimiento transferible y así contribuir al desarrollo y el progreso social. Disponemos de cuatro Centros de Excelencia de Investigación, que potencian la creación de sinergias entre los grupos de investigación dando lugar a alianzas con otras instituciones y empresas nacionales e internacionales.

    Defensor del Estudiante

    La Universidad cuenta con un avanzado Servicio de Atención al Estudiante que permite reducir los tiempos de espera de los estudiantes en cuanto a información solicitada así como para la rápida tramitación y solución de las instancias generales que pueda haber presentado.
    Visita el enlace a las instancias generales para cada uno de nuestros campus:

    Además, todos los estudiantes cuentan con el Defensor del Estudiante para la tutela de los derechos de los estudiantes dentro del ámbito docente y administrativo de la Universidad.

    Visita el portal del Defensor del Estudiante para cada uno de nuestros campus:

    International Outlook

    Enjoy some of the advantages that position us as a university with a clearly international focus:choose among double degrees with many international universities, benefit from an Erasmus scholarship, study totally or partially in English or take your internship abroad.

    We are part of the prestigious Laureate international network, the leader in further education, serving more than 850,000 students in 30 countries and over 80 institutions worldwide.

    Cutting Edge Professional Facilities

    At the Universidad Europea our priority is learning with an eminently practical approach. Our Madrid, Valencia and Canary Islands campuses offer you the best facilities for putting your knowledge into practice, in the most fully equipped laboratories and using the latest technologies, before joining the career world. Likewise, in the university clinics, students of the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Health Sciences can develop their practical learning in contact with the professional world.

    Guarantee of Quality

    Our hard work and constant dedication to academic excellence have been recognized by many of the most prestigious quality certificates, such as: EFQM 400+ “European Excellence”, Quali-cert, and Madrid Excelente.

    Calidad 2012

    *These marks of recognition were granted to Universidad Europea de Madrid.

    Leaders in R&D&I

    At the Universidad Europea excellence in research is part of our commitment to society. We research to generate transferable knowledge and thus contribute to social development and progress. To do this, we have five Centers of Excellence for Research which organize all our research activity in each line (projects, training programs, scientific forums, dissertations, scientific dissemination, etc.). These enhance the creation of synergies among research groups both in the University and outside, leading to alliances with other institutions and companies in Spain and abroad.

    Academic, Human and Social Education

    Students at the Universidad Europea have an important added value in their professional preparation. In addition to developing the technique, the knowledge and the praxis necessary for your future profession, you are trained in a series of essential competencies to excel both on the personal and the professional plane. We will work with you on skills such as conflict resolution, leadership capacity or teamwork, emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation, critical spirit, entrepreneurship and communication skills.

    Personalized Teaching

    The philosophy of placing students into small groups (an average of 1 professor for every 23 students), the excellent students program and the presence, from the first day, of one advisor per student enable and encourage the motivation of each student and the development of their full potential.

    Our Academic Advising Program (PAT) follows the coaching and mentoring model and is designed to help you focus on your profession from the start, until you join the world of work.

    Faculty Connected to the Professional World

    Our faculty have teaching, professional and research experience which will enrich your theoretical and practical training. They come from the most prestigious companies and institutions and teach the latest courses of study, focused on the professional world.

    They are an essential asset for making our students highly competitive. Furthermore, we design Teaching Plans, which, amongst other aspects place particular emphasis on academic and effective student monitoring throughout their university experience.

    Committed to the Environment

    At the Universidad Europea we have awareness-raising programs, national and international volunteer groups, groups in defense of human rights, or to promote alternative forms of consumption. We encourage our faculty to include these as social content in degree courses through the Curricular Sustainability Program.

    Develop Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

    At the Universidad Europea we foster entrepreneurship among our students through different workshops, prizes and activities. Examples include the Specific Plan to Develop the Entrepreneurial Spirit (900 students have joined so far) or the Annual Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards, in collaboration with the International Youth Foundation. We support young people who devote themselves to creating a more sustainable world through real action projects.

    Connect to the world of work

    Join the professional world at 4 levels:

    • In the classroom
    • In laboratories and workshops
    • Through practical work on campus
    • In companies

    As a student at the Universidad Europea you will be prepared from the very beginning to successfully embrace your future profession. Practical classes in laboratories and workshops equipped with the most advanced technology, our own facilities and clinics for practical work in a real and 100% professional setting.Also, the Career and Placement Office (GOE) will advise you and offer internships in top companies in Spain and abroad to help you find your first job.


    The GOE will bring you closer to the world of work, facilitating your access to internships and jobs in Spanish and international organizations. Through a simple online application, you can keep up to date on the latest offers. We also guide and advise you on creating your own business, and offer other activities, such as professional events with the participation of companies such as France Telecom-Orange, Airbus Spain, Antena 3 and Renault Spain.


    An innovative, international training that is adapted to the reality of work ensures highly qualified preparation, which favors student employability. The employability rate of Universidad Europea graduates is much higher than that of today's professional market. 90% of Universidad Europea graduates find work in the first year after finishing their studies; 69% in the first 6 months.


    The Universidad Europea offers you over 282 exchange agreements, 11 programs 100% in English and 254 courses offered in English. More than 40 countries offering internship programs. Also, at your university campus, you can enjoy events, international lectures by the most outstanding professionals of their sector, courses, seminars and many more activities.


    Our commitment to you does not end when you graduate. Alumni is a support system to help our graduates continue growing professionally. When you obtain your Bachelor's Degree from the Universidad Europea you can take part in activities such as lifelong learning networking, segmented job offers, advisory for entrepreneurship, current affairs and benefits for members.


    The admissions process to study a Bachelor's Degree at the Universidad Europea is via a few simple steps, which basically consist of submitting certain documentation, taking an entry exam and conclude with formalization of enrollment.

    Download de Admission Form


    At the Universidad Europea de Madrid we have a full system of financial aid available to you to help you pay for your education. Some examples are:

    • Flexibility in payments
    • Monthly installments
    • Help for prompt payment
    • Aid for continuing studies
    • Aid for simultaneous studies
    • Aid for having a family member at the Universidad Europea


    The Universidad Europea has signed several agreements with banks to help you pay for your studies.

    Grants and scholarships

    In 2012-13, more than 1,100 grants and scholarships worth over 5 million euros were awarded to students of the Universidad Europea.

    Grants and scholarships from the European Career College of Madrid

    Official grants and scholarships from the Ministry of Education

    Talented, Outstanding People Program (TOP Program),


    Do you want more information?

    +34 91 740 72 72

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