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  • E + E Campus

    Pooling… that’s the key: pooling knowledge, pooling skills, pooling connections and contacts, pooling experiences…

    E Plus E

    Because the future demands that we educate and train people who will make a positive contribution to society. Because in order to create new opportunities, the new business paradigm demands that we, as a university, create new alliances between the various economic actors, new collaboration platforms, new ways of doing things, and new learning models, so that we can generate value for all concerned.

    B for Business

    The first-rate education that all B+E Campus students receive will be enriched by the experience of continual and direct exchange with the business world, leading to a business vision that will enable them to take a differential approach to the reality of business as creators of value.

    A university campus that welcomes the participation of companies and business institutions, offering in-company training as well as the chance to take part in professional forums, business seminars and debates, among other regular gatherings on the new campus.

    E for Entrepreneurship

    For Universidad Europea, entrepreneurship means innovation, creativity, research, generating and exchanging ideas, and a desire for constant growth.

    These values permeate the entire campus in such a way that each and every one of our students reaches the end of their academic studies having developed a range of skills in tune with the entrepreneurial mindset, which they can then put into practice in a large corporation or medium-size business, or in their own entrepreneurial initiatives.

    The B+E University Campus will house the Universidad Europea Entrepreneurship Hub, an incubator for new business projects whose main purpose is to give selected entrepreneurs personalized advice on their business ideas from the very beginning, with a view to facilitating their subsequent development.

    At the same time, the aspiring entrepreneurs share and learn together in a unique and creative co-working atmosphere and come into contact with financial and legal experts, experienced professionals from a wide range of sectors, other entrepreneurs, etc., thereby enabling them to bring their business initiatives to fruition.

  • Why the Alcobendas Campus?

    University, Business and Entrepreneurship; three areas that converge in one place: Universidad Europea’s new B+E University Campus in Alcobendas. An innovative educational model that leads the way in higher education, supporting the professional and entrepreneurial development of its students.

    A university environment in which we strive to help our students realize their full potential, enabling them to constantly learn and develop by clearly focusing on the needs and demands of the world of business and entrepreneurship.

    Welcome to Universidad Europea’s new B+E University Campus.

    “Alcobendas Campus is much more than a university campus. Its primary aim is to provide a setting in which the University, businesses and entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, knowhow and experiences for their mutual benefit and enrichment”


  • Ideal location

    A 13,000 m2 state-of-the-art campus with a capacity for up to 3,000 people, equipped with the latest technologies for transmitting ideas and knowledge, and set in an ideal location:

    • At the heart of the ‘Business Park’ located just north of Madrid, one of the country’s business areas with the greatest strategic potential, and undoubtedly a major source of employment in the near future.
    • Excellent transport links with the city center (just 15 minutes by car from Plaza de Castilla) and with Barajas Airport (13 minutes), as well as ample parking space.
    • Direct connections with public transport services (Madrid–Plaza Castilla, Alcobendas, and San Sebastián de los Reyes).

    How to get there

    Ico Walk Campus Alcobendas
    Avda. Fernando Alonso, 8
    28108 Alcobendas
    Ico Drive Campus Alcobendas
    Exit 17 A1
    Ico Drive Suburban Rail Station: Line C4
    Alcobendas - S.S. de los

    Metro: Line 10. La Moraleja. Hospital Infanta Sofía
    Ico Drive

    Bus lines:

    827 - Canillejas
    159 - Plaza de Castilla
    9 - CC. Cercanías Alcob.
    2 - Metro Moraleja Av. Bruselas